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I put all of my energy and passion into every show I'm involved with, and I'm truly invested in your group's success. It's not uncommon for me to spend over 3 hours working on a single transition to make sure it's absolutely perfect and effective.


While I'm not the least expensive designer, I'm definitely not the most expensive. I've been hired by many directors that have been burned after paying a drill writer quite a high fee and receiving a low quality or late product


On average, drill for a band with 100-150 members, that are competitive, and want to achieve higher scores and placements at contest run about $3,000.


I have NEVER turned anyone down because of price.


If I send a quote that is way out of your budget, let me know what you can afford. I will do everything I can to accommodate your budget and provide the best drill for your band.


If you like my work, I want to do everything I can to help you and your students do their best, even if it means I won't make as much off the fees.

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